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Four Seasons Hotels

Four Seasons Hotels in the Moscow Hotel complex

Assambleya Nikitskaya Hotel

Moscow, Nikitskaya street, house 12, building 2

Office Buildings Complex

The building is located in the middle of Moscow in Bolshoy Kislovsky Lane and it is one of the buildings of a complex of new office buildings, ornamenting the development of this old city center at the crossing of Bolshoy and Sredny Kislovsky Lanes.

Hotel complex Ararat Park Hyatt

The Complex is equipped with the most modern engineering and technological equipment, corresponding to the highest requirements of international standards. The historical interiors of the Ararat café are recreated.

Business-center in Bolshoy Kislovsky lane

Bolshoy Kislovsky Lane, house 6

Building facade GUP «MNIITEP»

Stoleshnikov lane, building 13/15

Renovation of hotel complex Ararat Park Hyatt

Construction of high-grade hotel complex is being made in a historical center of Moscow in direct proximity to the Bolshoy Theater and Kremlin.

“One should walk so that the holy motherland doesn’t feel the weight of his footsteps.” (Paruyr Sevak).

These words, written by a great Armenian poet became a symbol for the staff of the restoration and construction corporate group Lusine.

It all started at the beginning of the 90−ies when Moscow asked the ceramic product factory in Yerevan for assistance in restoration of the Tretyakov Gallery. Murad Frunzikovich Sargsyan – the Director General of the restoration and construction corporate group Lusine from 1992 to 2005 – was one of other 19  highly qualified expert modelers. Restoration of an ancient mansion in the historical center of the city in Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street was the second large order from Moscow and then in 1992 it was an honorary order for  restoration of a Moscow area manor of a prominent historiographer, president of  the Russian Academy of Arts, A.I. Musin-Pushkin in Valuyevo.

The restorer does not build, he recreates, and his main goal is authenticity, accuracy of matching with the original, invisibility of  reconstruction. Restoration intervention into the life of a building must not only recreate its design, and interiors, but also, which is the most important, reveal the heart, feelings, thoughts and talent of ancient creators for modern age people, a kind of their message to the future..

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