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“One should walk so that the holy motherland doesn’t feel the weight of his footsteps.” (Paruyr Sevak)

The words, written by a great Armenian poet became a symbol for the staff of  the restoration and construction corporate group Lusine.

The restoration and construction corporate group Lusine was founded in 1989 and began its activity by carrying out a variety of restoration projects. Amongst the first agreements for restoration was the agreement for restoration of Tretyakovskaya Gallery and restoration of ancient mansion in a historical center of the city in Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. Then, in 1992 an honorary order for restoration of Moscow area manor of prominent historiographer, president of the Russian Academy of Arts, A.I. Musin-Pushkin in Valuyevo.

The restorer recreates, his main goal – authenticity, accuracy of matching with the original, invisibility of reconstruction. Restoration intervention into the life of a building must not only recreate its  design, interiors, but also, which is the most important, reveal the heart, feelings, thoughts and talent of ancient creators in front of the modern age  people, their message to the future of a sort.

The work of a builder-restorer is a fine thing, close to working with  jewelry, in painstaking research he assembles bit by bit that which was lost with time, resurrecting former beauty of modeling, fanciful ornaments of  moldings, elegant framework of fireplaces, he recreates the epoch that became history, its unfading zest, brings back to life the portion of the ethnic culture, all that comes into the meaning of the word “spirituality.”

For all of the 26 years of activity, the company has built and materialized more than 100 objects, most of which got their former beauty and historical face back.

High production capabilities of Lusine, professional team work experience allows the Corporate Group to still provide reconstruction services for  mansions and manors in Moscow and Moscow area with success, construct with  finishing modern luxurious buildings with highest coziness and comfort possible for living and working in them.

Currently the Corporate Group Lusine is a company which is completely integrated into a well developed and rapidly growing construction industry of  the city and high production capabilities of Lusine are corresponding to all of the modern requirements.

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